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Wedding Music Entertainment

Do you want to break this mould and have a wedding like no one else's?  With your thoughts and feelings planned into all the stages?  A day that none of your family and friends have seen before?  Then read on because that's what we aim to offer you for your day.


Why not change the standardised wedding format, everyone gets roughly the same experience on their day.  Well if it's not broke?  Well what if I can offer you a day and night that no one in your family and friends experienced before?  Audience interaction, lots of emotion.  A personal touch!  Getting the idea?  What's more, like the idea?




Your Wedding Ceremony

At this part of the day your celebrant or Minister is in control, but you would be amazed by how we can help.  Every little detail will be discussed with you at client meetings before your day so that everything runs smoothly.


I can plan, produce and direct your background music that has been specially selected by you and approved by your registrant with the volume levels building up and lowering down to give energy and dynamics to the ceremony. This will be the most important point of your day and it has to be produced and directed in a planned order. I can be on site directing your guests and reassuring the groom. Trust me, my equipment will be discrete and it does sound better and run smoother than a venue staff member pressing play and stop on a CD player.!!


If your venue is large, or outdoors I can supply a microphone so that your guests at the back can hear what is being said as you say your vows to each other. What's more I could even record the vows for you to be played again at night or used in a DVD production of your day..!


I attend weddings every week, I have the knowledge  of what worked and what didn't work in the past.  I can tell you of my past experiences assisting you so that you can think it all through and come up with the perfect day for you.

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Your Drinks Reception

At this part of the day the bride and groom will feel pushed and pulled as everyone wants to wish you well just as the photographer needs to get all the pictures taken. This can run really smoothly or be organised chaos. Yes, that much of a swing! The photographer only has a small window of opportunity to get these shots before the wedding guests have to sit for the wedding breakfast. Giving him or her your full attention is the best policy. Things will end up more organised and the pictures will be over with sooner.


I plan well ahead of your day, and we agree what style of music you would like at this time.  It could be classical music, Smooth Jazz tunes or a bit of 50s swing music. It's your choice, as long as the volume is set to background level, because this is a time for talking and catching up.


In my position I find myself an ideal candidate to assist the photographer by arranging the people getting them ready for the next picture, and if they are not there I have a microphone to make an announcement that they are needed for a photograph. This speeds up the whole process and makes sure the pictures don't hold back your meal.

Wedding Breakfast

Most Hotel venues will offer a their manager to act as your Master Of Ceremonies for your wedding reception. But have you ever thought, what training has the manager had to do this?  Also, will the manager not be too busy doing the manager's job?  I am an experienced Master of Ceremonies.  A Public Speaker, who has invested time and money studying the history of wedding traditions and practices in an effort to ensure you will have a day to remember.


If microphones are required, those who will be using them will be taken aside and taught the correct use of the microphone so that come the time everyone hears the speeches. It does take a bit of practice hearing your own voice coming out of the speaker.


If a venue offers to supply music at all, it could well be the same CD played at every wedding breakfast. What's unique in that?  I can help you break that mould. We can have a prearranged play list made by you and your guests, or just yourselves, and played at a level that allows free conversation as everyone eats.


Your Evening Reception

Your Evening reception is when the party starts, Getting things going with the announcement of the newly married couple to the dance floor to their specially chosen track. Normally this follows with the Father and Daughter dance, and a wedding party dance to get everyone on the dance floor with the bride and groom. Every couple have their own thoughts on how formal to have this part of the night, and every effort is made to make this happen their way.


Time and time again I hear clients saying that they are worried that once the first dance is over with no one will dance on their night. I normally explain that music alone does not fill a dance floor. It's more the music selection and direction that fills the dance floor.


I am a Professional wedding entertainer who has a vast experience at entertaining to guests of all age groups. Rest assured by the end of your night the young ones will have heard a bit of chart music, you will have heard the dance classics from the 80s and 90s. Your mum and dad will have had a bit of soul and Motown, and we will have had a couple of rock n roll jive dances too.

Please feel free to call to discuss your requirements.

PH: 1300 062 304
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