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Do you want to break the mould and have a wedding like no one else's? With your thoughts and feelings planned into all the stages? A day that none of your family and friends have seen before? Then read on because that's what we aim to offer you for your day.


Why not change the standardised wedding format, everyone gets roughly the same experience on their day.  Well if it's not broke? Well what if I can offer you a day and night that no one in your family and friends experienced before?  Audience interaction, live musical atmosphere, lots of emotion.  A personal touch!  Getting the idea?  What's more, like the idea?



Kick start your DRINKS RECEPTION with our live music. This is the lead up to the EVENING RECEPTION which is when the party starts. Getting things going with the announcement of the newly married couple to the dance floor to their specially chosen track. Normally this follows with the Father and Daughter dance, and a wedding party dance to get everyone on the dance floor with the bride and groom. Every couple have their own thoughts on how formal to have this part of the night, and every effort is made to make this happen your way.


Time and time again we hear clients saying that they are worried that once the first dance is over with, no one will dance on their night. Normally we would explain that music alone does not fill a dance floor. It's more the right music selection, the interation throughout the night with your guests and the direction that fills the dance floor.


Our combination of live muisc and a Professional DJ at your reception will create non stop entertainment and please all age groups. Rest assured by the end of your night the young ones will have heard a bit of chart music, you will have heard the dance classics from the 80s 90s & top 40s. Your mum and dad will have had a bit of soul and Motown, and we will have had a couple of rock n roll jive dances too.


We are happy to learn and perform your special first dance song at no extra cost!!!

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